The Timeline is a proceeding time of events in the lore involving major battles and events.

Before the Split (BTS)


After the Split (ATS)

  • 0 ATS: The Leaxian Confederation enters in Trolliversia while they began having descendants of what is known as the Leaxian Race.
  • 10 ATS: Thanks to the Split, Leaxians quickly become the dominant race in Trolliversia.
  • 47 ATS: The first Ancient Armagetian populations arrive in their Galaxy and clash with the two cultures already present there, the Aureian Civilization and the smaller Caeledic Civilization, other four migrations will follow.
  • 50 ATS:All Xenic Races got existinct, just few survivors left till 66 ATS.
  • 53 ATS: Daikae Mougon reunifies the Yingor civilization under one provisional council
  • ​54 ATS: The Kee'Jodian Republic is formed and Jhen Un is elected as the first president.
  • 5​7 ATS: The Haisi royal family is ousted in a violent coup in the eastern half of Jobetseku. Former appointed commander-in-chief Erasmus Jordan becomes the leader of the Haisant Empire and declares war on the nations in the western half of Jobetseku.
  • 62 ATS: The Ancient Finnittanian Civilization is formed from their solar system. and began conquering minor civilizations near their solar system.
  • 65 ATS: Ancient Finnittania engages in a clash with two major civilizations of their galaxy such as the Finnitopian Civilization, and the Finnite Civilization.
  • 66 ATS:  Proto/Ancient Xenomans civilisation has been created.
  • 67 ATS: The First Jobetseku Conflict begins.
  • 74 ATS: The Finnite Civilization falls under Finnittanian control after numerous attacks conducted. The Finnitopians continued to fight for their power.
  • 78 ATS: The First Jobetseku Conflict ends. The Haisant Empire now controls most of Jobetseku.
  • 99 ATS: The Finnitopians surrendered to the Ancient Finnittanians after numerous defeats suffered during the war.
  • 120 ATS: Ancient Finnittania managed to conquer their entire home galaxy after many battles and the fact some surviving minor civilizations decided to be unified by Ancient Finnittania under a Finnittanian flag.
  • 140 ATS: The second migration of Ancient Armagetian populations happens
  • 183 ATS: The migration of the Proto/Ancient Xenomans begun.
  • 230 ATS: Ancient Finnittania began conquering numerous galaxies near their home galaxy.
  • 470 ATS: The Ancient Finnittanians now owned half of the Finnittanian Clusters.
  • 500 ATS: The Tijori Empire is formed and they began building an empire.
  • 620 ATS: The Chilostaqui Republic is formed with Tijori Influence and began building an empire where the Tijori and the Chilostaqui controlled half of the galaxy and began building up their military in case of future invasions.
  • 670 ATS: Ancient Armagetia enters it's Zenith and declares war on the Remaining Civilizations on Southeastern Trolliversia including their most faithful ally.
  • 720 ATS: The Venkorian Empire gained independence from Ancient Finnittania due to difficulties managing and supplying a distant colony without use of Splitspace technology and/or many fuel. The Telmetivic Republic and the State of New Sentaria later followed as well.
  • 722 ATS: The Empire of Senington Forms Under The Lead Of The Volten Dynasty
  • 750 ATS: The Battle for Neo-Finnittania has started due to instability in the Finnittanian Commonwealth.
  • 790 ATS: The Proto/Ancient Xenomans reached Armagetian colonies, the Armagetianisation begins.
  • 812 ATS: The Venkorian Civil War begins.
  • 855 ATS: The Venkorian Rebels won the Civil War and splits away from Venkoria to form the Union of Ivich Socialist Republics
  • 817 ATS: Ancient Armagetia Collapses after being defeated by the Lagetian League.
  • 980 ATS: Ancient Finnittania's Beloved Ruler gets assassinated by a group of conspirators who were later killed by an angry mob, thus the Assassination caused Ancient Finnittania's Downfall.
  • 1320 ATS: The Finno-Sciotic War begins
  • 1360 ATS: The Finnittanians won the Finno-Sciotic War
  • 1421 ATS: The Split-Space Revolution occurred with Finnittanian discovery of Split-Space Technology, making it possible to manage distant colonies without having to send supplies in a long journey.
  • 1450 ATS: The Tijori and the Chilostaqui merged into the Tijroi-Chilostaqui Empire to compete with the Federation of Lernea on economic power.
  • 1500 ATS: Republic of Azuria founded.
  • 1515 ATS: The Battle for Neo-Finnittania ends with decisive Mertenist Victory, it helps that Finn Mertens returned to lead the Finnittanians once more. The Jarrettonnens are pushed out of Neo-Finnittania and the PRG is nearing extinction to the point of escaping Neo-Finnittania with literally everyone in Neo-Finnittania after their heads. The Puremen are forced out and the Oligarchy is disbanded.