The Finnittanian Remnants are an ancient group of Humans, once native to the Old Trolliverse before the Split Occurs, who were fragmented around the areas of Trolliversia. How they managed to survive the Split is such as Mystery to anyone unaware of the history behind the Split. They often stayed incognito during most of the time, often establishing heavy defenses.


  • Do you know that they are often found in the Central Region of the Multiverse?
  • There are alleged Conspiracy theories that Finn III is actually in fact one of the members of the alleged secret society coming from the Remnants known as the Finn Fraternity, ever since Finn III resembled one of the members of said Fraternity. It is unknown whether or not it is merely a Coincidence or Finn III is actually a Human sent to prevent the Ancient Armagetians from conquering most of the Old Trolliverse.
  • The Remnants will never share their ancient technology to any other nations for fears that they will repeat history like what Ancient Armagetia did.