Neo-Finnittania is an old Nation, located in the Central Region of the Trolliverse. Neo-Finnittania is well known for having 70 percent of the Planets consisted of Spice-Rich Desert Planets, 20% of City-Planets, and 10% of the Barren Planets.

After the The Battle for Neo-Finnittania is over with the restoration of the Mertens Rule, the once stagnating nation is now entering the path to recovery.


Ever since the Split ended and the Mertens Dynasty nowhere to be founded, the remnants of the old Finnittania is distraught over the missing Royal Family, looking for the new regime to rule over. Eventually, the Oliagarchy begins to take power, trying to make sure that Neo-Finnittania never collapses even if other groups decided to leave the Neo-Finnittanian territory.


Factions before the end of the battle for Neo-Finnittania

  • The Loyalists: A major group who are fighting to end the war for the Oligarchy. They dedicated theirselves for the restoration of Democracy and the
  • The Mertenists: A major group fighting for the return of the Mertens Regency, ever since Finn retired from the Throne with no heir. The Mertenists advocated for a Meritocratic Monarchy, ruled by a Benevolent Emperor who will restore Finnittania to it's former glory. Currently they are looking for a male who fulfills the Criteria for a chosen one who will lead the Mertenists, or an actual Mertens.
  • The Puremen: A major group that advocates for a Theocracy, following the arts of Pureegism. They are fanatical and often try and convert others to their religion by force.
  • House Jarrettonnen: A Simonese Puppet faction that the Simonese established, which Simon Jarrett happened to be the leader of it. The Harkonnens Jarrettonnens dedicates to the eradication of the Mertens Bloodline and the enslavement of the Littner women. Most of their forces are composed of Sasquatches.
  • The People's Revolutionary Group: A group of commies that dedicates theirselves to making Neo-Finnittania communist and advocated to the destruction of everything they deemed as "Bourgeoisie".