Ancient Armagetia was one of the most powerful countries, if not the most powerful, in ancient Trolliversia.

How It Came To Be

Originally, in Armagetia there were two civilizations after the split. The peaceful Aureian Civilization and the weaker Caeledic Civilization. Soon, a new population came from Leaxia, the Akaeians, which formed a system of little states which all shared the same culture.

They, unlike the civilizations before them, were not peaceful, and in the moment of their decay they were able to take over their territories. But the migrations didn't end: When the Akaeians started their decline, too, three newer populations came, the Vareians, the Iolearians and the Yaritians. Soon all of these populations divided the Galaxy's territories, and everyone but the former two had a fair share of it. Still, each population was divided in different states, even though they recognized sharing the same culture and language.

The last migration happened in about 130 ATS, when the Kaveroians arrived. Unlike the other populations, they formed an united state which owned the entire north of the Galaxy, which was by far the poorest part until then. Together, the Armagetian populations were able to repel foreign invasion, even though the Tarinthian Empire almost conquered it: After their invasion the states were left weakened, and slowly the Kaveroians were able to expand their influence until they conquered all of Armagetia in 175, and the populations stopped calling themselves with different names, recognizing their nation as one and united.

Now that all of them were together, each of the populations gave their best in something, so that the Armagetians were able to create an outstanding military and an economy which would have lasted as long as the military was able to achieve victories.

The Armagetians were believed to be invincible in those times: Not a single battle saw them defeated, resulting in the most quickly expanding Empire that Trolliversia ever saw.

Zenith and Decline

While bearing the same name as the current state, at its zenith the Ancient Empire covered a far bigger area, including almost all of the Southern Trolliverse and was trying to project its power to the center, even switching its capital towards the east.

Though, the glory couldn't last forever. Soon corruption and nepotism started rising in the Empire, and incompetent generals weren't able to stand against The Lagetian League of nations opposing them. Once they were deprived of many precious territories, the Empire started collapsing.

Relations Before it's Zenith

South-Eastern Trolliversian Nations

Nation Status
Ancient Finnittania Allies
Tijori Empire and the Chilostaqui Republic Trade Partners
Norish Republic Allies

North-Eastern Trolliversian Nations

Nation Status
Gekko Republic Allies
Centiprix Republic Allies
Hydren Empire Enemies

Relations by the time of it's Zenith

South-Eastern Trolliversian Nations

Nation Status
Ancient Finnittania Enemies
Tijori Empire and the Chilostaqui Republic Enemies
Norish Republic Enemies

North-Eastern Trolliversia

Nation Status
Gekko Republic Enemies
Centiprix Republic Enemies
Hydren Empire Enemies